Certified Products

“Certified Product”, when finding this term you should always ask yourself two questions: who certified the product and which features were certified? This statement refers not to the generic quality of the product, but to well-definable value added and verifiable features. The reason that drives a company to certify its product is the desire to inform the customer on the uniqueness that differentiates it from others in the same category by highlighting specific characteristics and offering the possibility to verify that the company constantly strives to meet higher quality requirements. A certified product is subject to constant evolution in the improvement of its features and performance, while maintaining the highest quality standards through the support of an independent certification body. Certifying a product, for a company means establishing a relationship of trust with the customer by ensuring quality and safety.

The ``CE`` Mark

We find the CE mark on goods that certify their compliance with the European Community guidelines established in the field of safety, public health and consumer protection (European Directive 89/06EEC implemented in Italy with Presidential Decree 246/93).
The meaning of the marking is: “Conformité Européenne”. Such marking is required to market the product in countries belonging to the European Economic Area.

Ultimately, the CE marking certifies that the product has been subjected to conformity assessment procedures; it ensures that the product complies with the European Community requirements imposed on the manufacturer; it is affixed upon completion of inspections by the Certifying Body; it grants the right to market the product and its free movement and use within the European Community; and ultimately, it must be affixed by the manufacturer.

This certification, issued to Malagrida Group srl by the Institute Giordano S.p.A. (an Institution recognized nationally and internationally) is the guarantee, for the end customer, that the products are manufactured using quality production processes and which comply with the referenced specifications.

Also, this guarantees periodic inspections as established by European standard EN 1433 which defines the “terminology, classification, as well as the testing and designing requirements for marking and evaluating the compliance of linear drainage channels installed in pedestrian areas to collect surface water”.

The drains: art. INF/S90, INF/S75A, INF/S75B and TCN/SD50 are certified in compliance with UNI EN 1253–2:2015 (determination of drainage collector flow rates).